Jordanian journalists tear apart a TV studio when a brawl breaks out during a televised debate

AMMAN, Jordan - A televised debate on the ongoing crisis in Syria on Thursday turned ugly when two Jordanian journalists tore apart the desk that separated them.

Shaker al-Johari and Mohammad al-Jayousi appeared as guests on a Seven Stars TV program when the discussion became heated.

Al-Jayousi accused al-Johari of supporting the Syrian revolution. In turn, he was accused of backing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for money.

The moderator could not prevent harsh words and finger pointing from becoming a fight.

The two journalists picked up the desk and began pushing it at each other. They continued with the desk top until al-Johari kicked out at al-Jayousi.

Some men eventually rushed in from off-camera to break up the brawl.

You can watch the heated exchange and fight in the video player.

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