Jon Rice of Plantation wins a National Beard Champion award

Winner in the freestyle category

PLANTATION, Fla. - On October 10th, 29-year-old Jon Rice, from Broward County, took top prize at the National Beard and Mustache Championships in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

He was the winner in the freestyle category, for an octopus-like 'stache' that landed him on the cover of the newspapers.

"It was really cool, because it's something that I take a lot of pride in, and it's getting a lot of notice right now," Rice said.

He won $600 for finishing first. But for him, it's more about beard bragging rights.

He says the accolades more than make up for some of the minor inconveniences of all that facial fur... like eating. "Chili dogs, cereal, soup, anything with melted cheese is a no go."

The curls in his mustache are a work of art, and held up with hairspray. Lots of it.

At the national championships he even used some glue. "It took me and my girlfriend about 2 hours to do."

And what does his girlfriend think of the beard? "She loves the beard."

Rice has no plans to shave, which he hasn't done in three years. His goal is to have it touch the ground. But that could take 10 more years.

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