John Gurrieri, Steven Collins Dalton, Georgia police controversy: Officers suspended for swearing

Cursed at a bus of rowdy students

(WRCB) Two Dalton, Georgia police officers are suspended for cursing at a school bus full of children.

It happened on November 11th.

The bus was full of dozens of rowdy middle school students and a frustrated driver.

The driver pulled over and warned students she would call police if they didn't quiet down.

The arguing continued.

The driver requested that the bus dispatcher call police.

Two Dalton police officers responded.

It's how the officers handled it next that rubbed parents the wrong way.

"You want to act like a bunch of hellions and she can't f****** focus on what she's doing," Officer John Gurrieri said to the students.

Officer Steven Collins talked to one student off the bus, using one swear word.  Officer John Gurrieri talked to the rest of the kids, cursing multiple times.

"You want to act like crazy a**holes, do it at home," Gurrieri said on the video, according to WRCB.

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