Job interview tips: Seven things not to do in a job interview

You have a job interview coming up, and of course, you want to make a good impression.  So get mentally prepared.  Polish up your interview skills, and think about the message you want to deliver to a prospective employer.

And while you consider what you DO want to say, here are some tips from US News and World Report on what NOT to do.

Seven things that turn off employers during an interview:

1. Trashing your former company.  You don't want to start off looking like a complainer.

2. Demonstrating a lack of direction. Articulate your goals and what you can bring to your new company.

3. Being too desperate.  And yes, you may feel desperate, and obviously you want the job.  Just try not to let it show.  After the interview, you do want to send a thank-you note, but don't bug them with too many calls and letters.

4. Arriving too early. Arriving more than 10 to 15 minutes early might look too desperate (see 3), and it might disrupt the manager's schedule. Just arrive on time.

5. Asking about money.  Of course you want to know what the job pays. That's why you're there. But don't ask at the first interview.  Focus on what you can bring to the position.

6. Anxious behavior.  Don't look at your watch, tap your foot, look away from the interviewer. Be confident, by practicing what you want to say, and studying up on common interview questions. Be prepared. Know about the company.

7. Dwelling on accomplishments and successes.  That's what US News says. It says, don't make that the focus of your interview. Show the interviewer what you can bring to the company in the future. This seems like a fine line to me, because you do want them to know your successes. But put them in your resume, and let the interviewer ask you about them.

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