Jimmy Hoffa body in Detroit? Theories continue to flourish over what happened to Hoffa's body

Over the years, theories have flourished on what happened to Jimmy Hoffa's body.

There are theories that said he was buried under Giants Stadium in New York or under the Renaissance Center in Detroit. One story had him being cremated in a trash incinerator, another claimed he was fed to alligators in a Florida swamp.

 In the last nine years, there have been three searches for the ex-teamsters' remains; all have been as disappointing as Geraldo opening Al Capone's safe.

In July of 2003, acting on a tip, West Bloomfield police headed north to Hampton Township near Bay City. They spent eight hours digging under a backyard swimming pool. A tipster had told cops that a briefcase containing a syringe and possible evidence that Hoffa was murdered with drugs or poison could be found there.

Police came up empty handed.

Less than a year later, authorities search a house in Detroit after a tip from an ex-teamsters president from Delaware. On his deathbed, the former president told a reporter he shot Hoffa in the head in the vestibule in the home.

Police tore out board in the vestibule, and sent them to a lab for testing, but again -- a dead end.

The most recent and extensive search was at a horse farm in Milford in 2006. The FBI brought in heavy equipment, anthropologists and archeologists. The horse barn was demolished.

The search went on for two weeks and cost over $250,000 only to end in another disappointment.

Investigators searched that horse farm in part because there was a lot of unusual activity on the day Hoffa disappeared. There were reports that a backhoe had appeared on the property that day and that the horse farm was a place that had been used for mob meetings around the time Hoffa vanished.

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