Jessica Shyba: Mom's photos of toddler, puppy go viral

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - Millions of people have seen Jessica Shyba's photos of her son Beau and puppy Theo napping together.

Jessica Shyba posted these adorable photos of a naptime ritual with her son, Beau, and the family's puppy, Theo, on Instagram and her blog. Photos of the two cozying up have made rounds online, melting hearts along the way.

"I am completely flabbergasted," Shyba said. "It's beyond anything that I have ever dreamed."

Shyba began posting photos of the two napping on her blog. She says that Theo, the puppy, would whine after they adopted him from the Santa Cruz SPCA earlier in November.

She found that putting him with Beau, the baby, comforted them both. She took pictures, put them on her blog and the spread like crazy.

Shyba's story has been on national television shows and she says it's because what she's presenting is so opposite from what people are used to seeing on the news.

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"I think there's so much bad news in the world all the time; everyday that's all we see," Shyba said.

She says she was so taken by the peacefulness and natural relationship between 23-month-old Beau and the puppy he calls "Bee-Bo," she had to share it.

"It's sweet and it's innocent and it's lovely, and I think people appreciate it," Shyba said. "And I appreciate it."

Courtesy: KTVU, CNN Newsource