Jenn Bircham, Sarah & Greg Lindsay: Wedding ring lost at the beach returned to owner two years later

A California couple were recently reunited with their wedding ring they lost during a visit to the beach two years earlier.

Sarah and Greg Lindsay were at the beach when Greg's ring slipped off his finger and fell into the water when he was playing football, reports KEYT .

He didn't realize it was missing until it was too late.

He assumed they'd never see the ring again.

Jenn Birchim was at the beach two years later with her family.

She bent down to pick up what she thought was a bottle cap and it turned out to be the ring.

"I was looking at it and read the inscription, I was like, 'My Love, My Life, My Lobster?' And in my mind I was like, a lobster fisherman," she tells KEYT .

Greg tells KEYT the real reason behind the inclusion of 'my lobster' in the inscription, "One of the episodes (of 'Friends') was where they talk about Ross and Rachel being each other's lobsters and I looked at her and said, 'Hey you're going to be my lobster.' And that's why she had it inscripted in there," he said.

Birchim posted a photo of the ring on Facebook and the image was shared thousands of times.

One of Sarah Lindsay's co-workers saw the link and told her about it.

Four days after Sarah started searching for Jenn Birchim, she found her and they reclaimed the ring.

Greg tells KEYT , "Totally resorted my faith in humanity. I was like wow, there are still honest good people out here like Jenn, to be able to do the right thing."

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