Jay Leno, Jesse Heiman kiss video: Bar Refaeli pulls a GoDaddy makeout switch on The Tonight Show

Jay Leno thought he was going to get lucky when supermodel Bar Refaeli visited 'The Tonight Show' Wednesday night.

After GoDaddy's Super Bowl ad -- featuring Refaeli making out with Hollywood Extra Jesse Heiman -- Leno asked Refaeli if they could "recreate" the commercial.

"That Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial you did was great, it was one of my favorites," Leno told Refaeli in the opening skit. "I'm thinking, any chance we could recreate the ad?"

"Sure!" Refaeli said. "Pucker up."

When Leno closed his eyes, Refaeli switched spots with Heiman, and Leno and Heiman smooched.

Watch the hilarious video below or by clicking here :

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