Jacob Velasquez: 5-year-old piano whiz with photographic memory is excellent pianist

His feet can't even reach the pedals, but a five-year-old boy is already being called a piano prodigy.

Jacob Velazquez likes to play games and go swimming like any other 5 year old little boy, but when he goes from the pool to the piano something very special happens.

You could call him a mini Mozart or baby Beethoven because Jacob began playing when he was barely 4 years old.

His mother recalls discovering his talents, "Willie was at work and I was in the kitchen and I hear the song Willie was playing the night before and I thought 'is Willie home?' and I came in here and said, Jacob oh my gosh that's you?"

Jacob then learned to read music.

Jacob managed to learn Beethoven's sonata in just three weeks.

He doesn't even have to look at the music anymore and that is because he has a photographic memory.

His parents had him audition for the National Musicians Guild.

The audition process is quite daunting, something even veteran musicians would get nervous about.

His father recalls, "He had to learn 10 classical pieces all by memory and so he did and he did great. He did amazing actually. He exceeded the expectations."

Jacob's piano teacher says a song that takes her other students a month to learn he will master in just one class.