Is crocodile photo a crock?

NBC News finds the real crocodile

You're not supposed to believe everything you read but what about everything you see?

A photograph of a large - really large - crocodile is all over the internet.

But, is it real?

When the photograph of the Australian croc, photographed on the Adelaide River, was in an article on the web, there was a gentleman's debate between the director and the owner of the St. Augustine Alligator Farm.

One said it's real, the other said it wasn't.

"No, no. Of course it's not," said Alligator Farm owner David Drysdale.

Both men know their stuff when it comes to reptiles.

"You've seen crocs on the Adelaide and I've got photos of the same thing and maybe from that exact same boat," said director John Brueggen. "It is definitely a large crocodile based on its proportions."

According to that article, the jumping crocodile was 17 or 18 feet long.

Mary Hubley is a Photoshop expert. "You just kinda have a lot of little clues you look at."

She knows how easy it is to alter a photograph and her thoughts on this one? "To me, I don't see any inconstancies. To me, it looks to me like it's the real thing."

She says the shadows are right.

Where people are looking is consistent, even the pixels match up. "Since there are pixels around here. Pretty similar pixels around here," she said.

As for the two who are in the reptile biz, they agree that the animal image is of a croc that size.

The croc experts agree that a crocodile could actually grow that large but they are not sure if it would get that close to a boat filled with people.

An NBC News crew traveled to Australia to try and find the crocodile, which goes by the nickname "Brutus." One Friday morning's Today Show, reporter Natalie Morales shows video that is proof the croc is no crock. Brutus is seen in several sequences jumping out of the water and crawling along the shoreline.

It's big. And, more importantly, it's real!



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