Greg Woods: Dying father gets his final wish to see son graduate

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC/CNN) - Wearing their caps and gowns, seniors filed into an impromptu event at Mortimer Jordan High School.

Graduation is a special occasion but one family was worried that a father would not make it to see his son, a Mortimer Jordan High School student, walk across the stage.

According to family members, the father, Greg Woods, is very sick. Relatives say he is in a lot of pain and fading away each day.

It was a special graduation ceremony for Kyle Woods. The love for this student was so strong there wasn't a dry eye in the auditorium.

Members of Kyle's baseball team, his classmates and his family were all on hand even though the official school graduation is scheduled for next week.

Kyle says his father, Greg Woods, who is in the final stage of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, may not live that long.

"I have been worrying about, it hoping he would make it," Kyle Woods said.

The family asked FOX6 to find out if Principal Barbara Snyder would be willing to give Kyle his diploma one week early so that his father could share this memory.

"As soon as you explained it, I said, 'Let me get right on it. We would love to be able to accommodate that.' Our students come away learning from something so special like this," Principal Snyder said.

A son's prayer was answered.

"Looking over there seeing him smiling meant more to me than anything really," Kyle Woods said.

A mom's fear was calmed.

"It's a lot going through your mind, knowing he's not going to be here much longer, but he did get his wish to be able to see it," Denise Harvill said.

Harville is Kyle's mother and Greg Woods' ex-wife. She and her husband have been caring for Greg Woods in their home.

"When the hospice nurse came out, she said she wouldn't give him two weeks but its been three weeks and I can see each day he's going down more and more," Harvill said.

Thanks to the quick thinking and hard work of the staff and students at Mortimer Jordan High School, a father's dying wish was granted.

"Words really can't describe how I'm feeling right now. Extremely happy. Extremely happy," Greg Woods said.
The school videotaped the ceremony so that Kyle can go back and watch it in the future.

Courtesy: CNN Newsource