Google creates 'Let it snow' Easter egg in its search engine in time for Christmas holiday

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - Google is letting it snow in Florida -- at least on your computer screens.

The internet giant is known for placing "Easter eggs" in their search engine. In November if you searched for "Do a Barrel Roll", your computer screen did a 360-degree spin.

Just in time for the Christmas holiday, Google making snow fall and "ice" form on your screen.

When you search for "Let it snow" little snowflakes start falling from the top of the screen. Soon the entire page starts to become slightly opaque, simulating frost forming on a glass window.

You can use your mouse to "scrap" off the "ice" allowing you to see through to your search results. Google also added a "defrost" button which immediately begins to thaw away the "ice" on your screen.

The "Let it snow" Easter egg only works on Firebox, Safari and Chrome browsers. There will not be any snow falling if you use Internet Explorer.

To see the flakes falling for yourself, click .

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