Garman ‘Forest Boy' mystery puzzles police

Claims he had lived in the woods for five years.

Police in Germany have released photos of an unidentified boy who wandered into Berlin claiming he had lived in the woods for five years.

The English-speaking boy said his father called him "Ray" and he was born on June 20, 1994, but he said he does not know his last name, according to an article on .

ABC News said the boy, who has been called "forest boy", claims his mother, Doreen, was killed in a car accident when he was 12 and his father took him to live in the woods.

PHOTOS: Police try to ID ‘forest boy'

Ray reportedly said his father, Ryan, died in August after falling over and told him to walk north to find civilization.

ABC News said he walked for five days and reached Berlin. He was wearing a necklace with the letters "D" and "R."

Police said his father's body was not found, the boy looked clean and the tent did not look like it has been used for five years which added skepticism to his story, according to the article.

After nine months, his story has not changed. His DNA has been compared with international missing persons reports and his fingerprints have been sent across the globe, but there have been no results.

Authorities hope to get help from the public by releasing the photos. Read more.

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