Tom Mabe's flying Grim Reaper prank going viral: Halloween prank scares innocent people

It's being called an epic Halloween prank. 

A flying Grim Reaper is scaring the living daylights out of people.

The floating Grim Reaper creeps up on unsuspecting joggers, soccer players, innocent children and basically anyone who is outside. In the YouTube video, watch people run for their lives as they are being chased by death itself.

The person behind the hilarious prank is comedian Tom Mabe. So how does it work? The Grim Reaper is actually remote-controlled. 

"It flies with the help of a remote control helicopter but you rig it up in a really brilliant way. It has to be quiet so people don't hear it," Mabe told Mirror Online

Mabe's spooky YouTube video has been checked out by more than 3 million people. 

Watch below.

Mobile users view here:

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