Florida couple celebrates 72 years of wedded bliss

(WESH, CNN Newsource)-- Doris Barrett first laid eyes on Francis Vanderslice in junior high.

"When I saw him coming in the room, I said 'mmm mmm' and I'm still saying it," Doris said.

That was back in the 1920s. Now the couple is celebrating 72 years of marriage and sharing the sweet story behind a can from their wedding day.

"I bounced that on the back of my car for 60 miles when we went on our honeymoon, and it was the only can left on there," Francis said

Francis kept it on top of a water heater for decades.

Doris had no idea until he recently surprised her. "I thought, 'I never knew he was so romantic!'"

The Vanderslices live in Orange City.

"We enjoy being together, sometimes," Francis laughingly said.

They never had children. Doris was a kindergarten teacher for 38 years. "I had them all day, but they went home in the afternoon."

Francis, 98, and Doris, 97, said they've always enjoyed the same things -- traveling the world and going to restaurants.

Their advice to newlyweds is simple. "Do things together, make decisions together," Doris said.