Esther Honig: Woman has image Photoshopped around the world to find what beauty is

A woman's beauty experiment led to her image, where she's not wearing any makeup, being edited by strangers around the world. 

Esther Honig, a blogger and freelance reporter, asked people, using the site Fiverr, to Photoshop her face to make her beautiful, all in an experiment to display how beauty standards vary across the globe. 

Honig called the project "Before & After" and reached out to over 40 individuals in more than 25 countries including Kenya, Chile, Israel, India and Morocco, according to the project's website . So far, she's posted 22 images. 

She hoped each designer would construct an image based on their own cultural standards.

She said that in the U.S. Photoshop has become symbolic of "society's unobtainable standards for beauty" but when compared globally, the goal of being beautiful "remains all the more illusive."

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