Escaped kangaroo captured video: Florida deputies, wildlife officers hop to it to capture a kangaroo

LACOOCHEE, Fla. - Pasco County deputies rounded up a kangaroo in Lacoochee that had been on the run for hours.

The kangaroo was spotted near Mickler Road in Lacoochee and sheriff's deputies along with the Fish and Wildlife officers were able to capture him after a lengthy chase, with the assistance of a civilian who supposedly first pounced on the animal.

The kangaroo is about 200 pounds and stands about five-feet-tall.

Yvonne Lafon captured the kangaroo on video. "In awe, thinking - was that just a kangaroo that jumped in front of my car?  And then all the cops were going down the street and it was definitely a traffic stopper."

Deputies moved him to a pen in Lacoochee until someone claims him.

Deputies say a family living along Mickler Road is known to have a kangaroo farm, but they have not claimed the kangaroo as their own.

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