Edge of space video: CNN, international journalists use camera to capture video from edge of space

Back in June, a C-N-N team working with visiting international journalists tried an experiment to get video from the edge of space -- using a small camera, a smartphone and a weather balloon.

It took six months, but they finally got their video back -- with amazing results!

The launch went off without any problems -- the balloon and its payload zipped up 65-thousand feet to the stratosphere and took some incredible images of the earth.

But on the way back down, it seems the camera and its parachute hit some high-altitude winds... and the assembly broke apart.

A G-P-S tracker was used to recover the balloon, but the camera and phone were long gone.

Or so it seemed!

A Georgia resident found the phone in his backyard, and last month, with winter setting in, the camera was spotted in a tree that had finally shed all its leaves.

The camera still works, and this is the video found inside -- showing the entire trip, ending with a gentle landing in the tree.

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