Dylan Spoering: 8-year-old's free concert in his yard goes viral, attracts hundreds

MINNEAPOLIS - (WCCO/CNN) - Here’s one of those stories that illustrates the power and positive effects of social media.

An 8-year-old musician named Dylan Spoering had put up a homemade sign in his front yard a few days ago publicizing that he was having a free concert in his yard.

A neighbor, Thomas Rehbein, spotted the sign and created a Facebook page to attract attention to the event.

By show time on Saturday, more than 400 people arrived on the Spoerings lawn to hear Dylan play.

"There was a sign in the front yard, and I took a photo of it, put it on Facebook, and somehow it turned into this crazy viral thing," said neighbor Thomas Rehbein.

"I just wanted to play for people, just wanted to play for free and now I'm famous," said Spoering. "When people see something that's really cute and heartwarming, people from different walks of life can get behind, I can see how it took off," said Spoering.

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Courtesy: CNN Newsource