'Driverless' car video: Auto travels down snowy I-15 in Utah

(KUTV) It's not every day you see a car rolling down the freeway with no driver. In fact, there wasn't a single person in the car, says Thomas Goodman, who shot video of an empty early-90's Buick LeSabre, cruising along southbound I-15.

Goodman says he was near Woods Cross, north of Salt Lake City, when he noticed a man sitting alone on a snowbank on the side of the interstate. "He was slamming his fist in the snow and making some negative remarks," says Goodman.

A short distance down the highway, Goodman noticed drivers steering to the right side of the road, while one car slowly rolled along on the left, without a soul inside. It became evident to Goodman, that this was the man's car, escaping him down I-15. "Prior to that, I didn't know how he got dropped off, I didn't know if his folks kicked him out or his girlfriend," says Goodman.

Video for mobile: http://bit.ly/IFW0j9

Neither Goodman, nor Utah Highway Patrol could confirm what happened to the man and the unattended Buick Tuesday night. Goodman says it's a reminder to him of the craziness that winter weather brings to our roadways.

"All I could think is that he crashed the car and jumped out after he got hit the mouth with the airbag, I'm assuming."