Dayton Dragons mascot Heater signs for deaf child

(WDTN) Baseball is a game of signs, but at a recent Dayton Dragons game, the most meaningful sign didn't come from the coach or the catcher.

It came from the mascot.

"It was something that kind of choked you up when it happened," says Matt Samworth.

7-year-old Hunter Samworth is like other kids his age. He loves Legos, the Wizard of Oz and baseball, but he experiences the game unlike almost anyone else.

He's deaf. "He's non-verbal which is why we sign," says Matt, Hunter's dad. Hunter got to meet Heater at a recent Dragons game.

The mascot never talks, but he spoke to Hunter through sign language.

"It was one of those moments in time where everything froze," Matt says. "To see the look on his face like someone actually understands me."

Hunter’s dad shot video of the meeting.  He only put it online so his wife could download it, but it quickly went viral.

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