Colorado couple wins and loses lotto

They thought they were millionaires!

PUEBLO, Colo. - How about this, you wake up and check your Sunday paper to find that you've won the lottery, but then you learn that the newspaper printed the wrong numbers!!!

That's what happened to a colorado couple this weekend. "I woke up and found out we were millionaires. Went kind of a case of going from rags to riches and back to rags again, said Jim Sprague, lottery player.

That's because when Jim and Dorothy Sprague looked in the newspaper Sunday morning, they saw that their ticket for Saturday night's $4.3 million dollar lottery drawing matched, all six numbers. But it turns out, the newspaper had mistakenly published wrong numbers.

"We had told my son and my daughter and we were getting ready to tell our other kids, but we found the mistake that it was wrong, so it's a good thing that i didn't talk to too many people," said Sprague.

The Spragues are able to laugh about the ordeal now, but they admit they're still a bit frustrated. "I tried calling them yesterday, Sunday as soon as we found it. As they said in the paper to call the front desk. I called and got a recording," said Sprague.

We tried to get in touch with the paper for comment. our phone call wasn't returned. We should note, the newspaper published a retraction - faulting the error on misinformation and an oversight. 

Jim Sprague says the experience won't keep him from playing the lotto in the future. "I hope that i'll find the right numbers one of these days," said Sprague.