Cody Strong, avalanche caught on camera; Colorado snowmobiler survives

A Colorado snowmobiler survived after getting caught up in an avalanche, and his helmet camera captured the whole thing.

Cody Strong was out riding when suddenly the avalanche hit.

"Honestly it felt like I was flying through the air, like I felt the impact on me and everything," said Strong.

He was swept away in an avalanche and says the snow ripped him off his snowmobile and was taken roughly 100 feet.

"It ended up being literally like a freight train that took me away. As fast as I said that, it was done and over with. You can't see anything.  You feel your body going through motions, and then it's done and over with and you're stopped," said Strong.

Once the panic stopped, and he saw all of his friends were OK, he took a minute to let everything that happened sink in.

"We literally survived an avalanche.  That could've been way worse than it was," said Strong.

Strong said this has prompted him to be more cautious and he is now going to take avalanche safety courses.

He encourages anyone who's headed out into any of these areas in the backcountry to do the same.

Courtesy: CNN Newsource