Children's Healthcare of Atlanta ad stuns parents, goes viral

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - If your child is fat, it's your fault...even if he's not a child anymore. 

That's the message parents are getting from Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, in a new ad that's upsetting many. The ad opens with a 32-year-old man on an operating table after suffering a heart attack. "How does that happen?" the doctor asks.

Then the patient's life - or rather, lifetime of food intake - in a series of flashbacks featuring fries and soda, video games and pizza, fast food and heavy breathing. The flashbacks end with some of the mother's earliest choice: juice to drink, and fast food fries when Cheerios just wouldn't do. 

The new PSA ends with the text: "Your child's future doesn't have to look like this."

So, do YOU think parents should take all the blame? We're talking about this on the WPTV Facebook page - join the conversation! 

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