Caught on camera: Crocodile attacks camera

HOMESTEAD, Fla. - A video of a crocodile attacking a camera in the Everglades has gone viral.

WPLG reported the film came from a brave volunteer at the Florida Everglades. 

"I call him Big Boy!  He is a 13-and-a-half foot American Crocodile that lives here at the outpost," Chris Madden told the television station.

The non-profit nature preserve and sanctuary has a large collection of wild animals that have been rescued.  Big Boy is one of them.

Madden created PVC housing for his brand new GoPro camera, in hopes of getting underwater shots of the crocodile. 

"As soon as the camera touched the water near him, he went berserk as you can see," Madden explained.

The crocodile is native to South Florida and experts say he likes brackish water.  After Big Boy attacked the camera and its housing, he spit the GoPro out.

"The tooth just jammed right through the lens and since he was in the water it flooded and got fried," Madden said.

Madden says he had purchased the camera the day prior.  It was covered under the return policy. 

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