Company says caffeine pants can help you lose weight

LOS ANGELES - If you want to lose weight, a new product claims it will speed up your metabolism with caffeine.

Except you don't eat or drink it. You wear it.

Lytess is making caffeine pants. The leggings are lined with caffeine patches and shea butter. The maker says  that caffeine in the pants increases people's metabolism and that can lead to weight loss.

The website also says that wearers reduced up to 1.9 inches from their hips and just over a half inch on their thighs in 21 days.

Dietary experts say they aren't convinced because the amount of caffeine would have to be massive. But that hasn't stopped people from trying out the product. 

The pants go for $69.95 and are currently sold clothing manufacturer has come out with leggings they say won't just make you look thinner, but will help you lose weight,

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