Boston Massacre Nike T-shirt controversy: Nike pulls shirt after complaints, reports say

Customer finds shirt at Bealls, complains

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. -- A Palm Beach County retailer has pulled a controversial T-shirt off of store shelves in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing.

After seeing the shirt, which bears what appears to be the blood splattered words "Boston Massacre," customers brought it to the attention of employees at a West Palm Beach Bealls store over the weekend. 
One customer said he was disturbed the store didn't pull it off the rack in the days after two bombs went off at the Boston Marathon killing three people and injuring more than 170 others.
"Automatically I stopped what I was doing, I didn't feel like shopping in the store after that," says Berg.
"I was having chills, I felt so cold and uncomfortable," says Lucie Drdova, when she saw the shirt.
A Bealls manager said three of the shirts were removed from the store and shredded. We couldn't find the shirt for sale at a local Dick's Sporting Goods or The Sports Authority in Boynton Beach. Although it appears the shirt is still for sale online.
"I think it should've been taken off the market. Once they found out about it, they know what they're selling, it should've been taken out," says Drdova.
The T-shirt was created for Yankees fans to highlight series sweeps of the Red Sox in 1978 and 2006.
Nike has removed the shirts from its outlet stores and at least one major online retailer Fanatics, Inc., ABC news reports.
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