Bigfoot body? Rick Dyer displays 'Bigfoot' which he claims he killed near San Antonio in 2012

(KPRC) With cash in hand, people lined up to catch a glimpse of  what a hunter claims is Bigfoot at the Alamo Drafthouse movie theater in west Houston.

The crowds were drawn by self-proclaimed "master Bigfoot tracker" Rick Dyer, who claims to have killed the mythical beast near San Antonio in 2012.

Dyer has been taking the "body" on tour to prove that Bigfoot does exist.

"Why should people believe this is real, given the 2008 hoax you were a part of?" a reporter asked Dyer.

He said, "Well, it's not important if people believe it's real or not, that's totally up to them."

Dyer was also unfazed by detractors who've posted videos online calling him a  "con man."

"The more haters I get the better," said Dyer. "So if you have any haters you can give them to me."

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