Anna Jorgensen, Texas mom, angry after daughter Taylor Santos spanked by male vice principal

TEXAS - Spanking in Texas schools is permissible with parental consent, but one mother who okayed corporal punishment for her daughter's actions was outraged when a person of the opposite sex left her child with red blisters and burns on her bottom, ABC News reports. 

Taylor Santos, 15, was spanked by her male vice principal as a punishment for letting a classmate copy her class work. 

After serving one-day of a two-day suspension at her Springtown High School, Santos opted for the punishment because she didn't want to miss any more classes.

Anna Jorgensen, Santos' mother, received a call from the school to confirm that she approved of the spanking. 

Jorgensen said that when she agreed, she was under the assumption that the punishment would be given under the state's same-sex swatting policy.

But the male vice principal spanked Santos in a closed room with another woman present, despite the law explicitly stating that corporal punishment should only be given by an employee who is the same sex as the student. 

Once Jorgensen learned what happened, she took pictures of her daughter's injuries and called the vice principal to complain.

He told her it was normal for her daughter's butt to look like that and said he wasn't aware of the same-sex swatting policy.

School officials reportedly plan to ask the school board to change the spanking policy so that officials of any gender can administer corporal punishment.

Jorgensen and another mother whose daughter was bruised by the same vice principal plan to speak out against their requests.

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