Andrew Peterson video: Off-duty police officer resigns after tirade caught on police dash camera

Fort Worth Police arrested an off-duty cop from another department last month.

And his reaction was not pretty, to say the least.

You can't see the man sitting in the backseat of this Fort Worth police patrol car, but it's Andrew Peterson.

The Saginaw police officer resigned after allegations of abuse toward customers and officers surfaced during his arrest at a Fort Worth hotel for public intoxication last month.

His outbursts were caught on police dash cam video.

Out of control. Mumbling his words. Lashing out at officers. It lasted more than 20 minutes. The tirade got worse as each minute passed by.

On the way to jail, Peterson remained calm. But, then he would get angry again.

There isn't audio on the video from the jail, but according to Fort Worth police, the verbal attacks against officers and staff continued.

It all ended when officers put Peterson in the holding area.

Weeks later, he lost his job.