Alligator attack video on Today Show: North Carolina biologist Fred Boyce attempts to wrangle gator

A biologist who attempting to wrangle a 300-pound gator in North Carolina and failed was interviewed on the Today Show Friday.

Video shows Dr. Fred Boyce trying to wrangle the alligator and coming out on the losing end.

CNN reports firefighters captured the scene of the 10-foot long 'gator attacking the man in a ditch near Highway 70 in Stacy.

The biologist from the Pine Knolls Shores Aquarium was just trying to remove the alligator which apparently was happy where it was.

The alligator bit the man on the arm, sending him on a quick retreat.

Emergency crews eventually pulled the man out of the ditch and captured the reptile, releasing it back into the wild.

The biologist was treated at the hospital and released. staff contributed to this report.

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