A late night snack attack causes a man to break into a fast food restaurant

In the early hours of Saturday morning, one man's solitary quest for a meal caused him to break into a fast food joint. But after he squeezed himself through a small drive-thru window, all that remained were his underpants.

The man spent 20 minutes sliding himself through the security bars of Mr. Beef and Pizza in Illinois, before he tripped the alarm.

Despite hearing the alarm blaring, the man continued to finish his food hunt, put his clothes back on and get himself a drink from the soda machine with a straw.

He even managed to find time to rummage through the freezer, grabbing chicken tenders and fries and tossing them in the microwave.

Clearly, there was no time to fire up the deep fryer because police arrived just minutes later, questioning the intruder through the driver-thru window.

When the man disappeared from view, officers climbed in the same way the suspect did -- but managed to keep their clothes on. The food bandit was quickly arrested.

The restaurant owner Rich Rubel said he was just glad the incident ended well, and was even happy for the free publicity.

"Nobody got hurt and there really wasn't much damage," said Rubel. "The customers get a kick out of it."

The 19-year-old suspect was arrested and charged with burglary.  

Police say he has no criminal record and was not under the influence, nor did it appear that he tried to steal any money.

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