25 of mankind's greatest engineering achievements

 (CNN) -- The last few months have seen a fair number of impressive construction plans announced, from Norway's intention to create the world's first shipping tunnel, to Maldives' plans for a space-age underwater hotel, to Dubai's plans for the world's biggest shopping mall.

How do these announcements stack up against what's already out there?

CNN has compiled 25 of what they think are some of the most impressive engineering/construction achievements to date, taking into consideration the era in which they were built and the knowledge and materials that were available to the designers. Each photo is captioned with information on the easiest way of getting there.

Engineering can of course also include electronics and other micro feats -- arguably computers and smartphones are among the most successful, popular and influential pieces of engineering ever created -- but we're interested here in big, bold and brave.

Click through the gallery to see the selections: http://bit.ly/1bcEOMQ


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