2 dogs take an unexpected joyride in a truck, crashing it into river

When Tulsa police and fire got the call that a truck had crossed Riverside Drive and landed in the Arkansas River riverbank, first responders immediately assumed a person was driving - but this time that was not the case.

"Apparently it (the truck) was knocked out of gear by one of the dogs," said  Clay Ayers with the Tulsa Fire Department.

The dogs, Roscoe and Luna, took their owner's truck for a drive down the top of a hill.

"Two boys on skateboards seen (sic) the vehicle leave from in front of the residence and they did try to catch up with it with no luck and watched it cross Riverside and on down to the river bank, Ayers said"

Scott, the dog's owner, was surprised when his truck wasn't parked where he had left it. "I got around to the front of the house where the truck was and it's like not there. And I was like 'did I get towed?' and I just thought? No it didn't."

Luckily the truck missed drivers on Riverside Drive and runners on a trail.

Roscoe and Luna didn't have a scratch, but the truck sustained damage.

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