10 mistakes 'busy' people make when it comes to their health

Think you're too busy to get healthy? Well, you might want to re-adjust your thinking, according to advice from health experts.

When your career takes over, it's easy to sacrifice health, but experts weighed in for a Huffington Post article to help busy people anticipate excuses they may encounter and misconceptions they may harbor.

Experts listed the following list of 10 health mistakes many so-called "busy" people are making.

1. You think you're too too tired to work out. Regular exercise actually gives you more work energy throughout the day. So when work gets hectic, you need to work out more.

2. You're swapping sleep to meet deadlines. Sleep deprivation has been proven to dampen creativity and cause short-term memory loss. So if your job is important to you, getting enough sleep should be on your agenda.

3. You think a recent raise means you can eat out more. Just because you are making more money, doesn't mean you need to spend it on high calorie, high fat meals.

4. You don't have water at your desk. You may indulge in coffee, juice, tea or beer, but water has amazing health benefits you shouldn't miss out on. You should drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day, which can give you energy, protect your immune system and prevent dehydration that can lead to headaches and muscle pains.

5. You're eating too much candy at work. If you have a candy jar at your desk and find yourself reaching for it regularly, you can be eating too much sugar and filling yourself with calories that could be better spent on a healthier, more filling meal.

6. You're going to happy hour too often. Sure, a post-work drink can be relaxing, but indulging too often can lead empty calories which will add up. To better relax, try yoga, reading, puzzles or physical activities.

7. You're relying on easy meals. If you're busy you may grab quick-to-make meals like mac and cheese, pizza, burgers and sandwiches, but too much meat and cheese can be a bad idea. For a balanced meal, add fruits, veggies and plant-based proteins.

8. You don't want to waste fresh produce. Some may worry that fresh produce will spoil quickly, but preparing that produce can make for delicious snacks on the go.

9. You drink coffee and energy shots. Caffeine, while naturally occurring, is addictive and can cause anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, tremors and headaches. Scale back your caffeine and you could begin to feel better.

10. You think a quick meal means a frozen meal. The sodium quantities in the frozen packaged food can far exceed your recommended doses. Too much sodium can lead to high blood pressure, even in young adults.

To read the full article, to go http://www.huffingtonpost.com/brazen-life/health-tips_b_1400392.html .

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