Save cash on your energy bill with 5 simple tips

Lop off up to 15 bucks a month on your energy bill

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Your lights, your air conditioner and your pool pump. These are just a few things that use energy your house and can suck money out of your wallet if not kept in check.

With the help of Florida Power and Light energy expert Scott Sempier, we've created the top 5 ways to save on your energy bill.

#1 Routinely check your air conditioner filter

Sempier says your air conditioner usage accounts for the largest part of your energy bill. Dirty filters cause your air conditioner  to use more energy to push cold air through. Check them the same time every month, like when you get your electric bill.

Sempier says don't change them too often.

"If it doesn't look that bad, go another month. You just don't want it too get too dirty where it's impeding air flow, but you also don't want to keep replacing filter," says Sempier.

#2 Use the right temperature for your hot water heater.

120 degrees is what FPL recommends. Anything higher could be way too hot and that's also wasting money.

"You're using a little more electricity to heat up water that you're not going to be using because it's too hot," said Sempier.

Unplugging it, if you're out of town can also save you some change. If no one's home to use hot water, why have it on?

#3 Turn ceiling fans off

Ceiling fans don't create cool air, they simply move air around. Leaving them on in a hot house all day won't make the house any cooler and it's not cool how much energy they'll use!

FPL says leaving one fan on day and night could cost 7 dollars a month. .

#4 Keep your freezer full

Take a few empty juice jugs or milk cartons and fill them up, then put them in your freezer. The less space your freezer has to freeze, the less energy it uses.
#5 Cut back on pool pump hours.

4 hours a day during cooler weather months, and 6 hours during summer months. This can equal savings you can see every month.

"A couple of dollars here and there, I mean that could be a 5-10 dollar savings for a couple hours difference on the pool," said Sempier.

According to FPL, if you  use these 5 tips and you could save 10 to 15 dollars a month on your bill.

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