Five exercises to get in shape

Exercising minutes a day to get into shape

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - With the combination of long hours at work and taking care of the kids, there isn't much time for exercise. That's why I turned to a friend for help. Jodie Schmitz is a former bodybuilder and a certified personal trainer. "I competed for 15 years. I won the Ms. Maryland, the Ms. USA, the Ms. America, the Ms. International, the Ms. World and the Ms. Universe." 

I told Jodie I wanted to do  exercises that give me the best benefits, but don't take a lot of time. Jodie said, "There is so much that you can do even if you don't have equipment there is a way that you can step up. A lot of women like to walk." I took her advice. Now I'm walking  three to four times a week, sometimes it's only for 15 to 20 minutes. On a day that's not too busy, i might walk for 45 minutes.

But Jodie says adding a workout to tone up muscles is a must. There are five basic exercises you can do in just 10 minutes.

Exercise number 1--  leg lifts, working up to 25 repetitions. You can do a workout for your arms at the same time.

Exercise number 2-- leg lunges. I don't like this exercise very much, but Jodie says I can take my time.
She also adds you can even do them in your home or when the kids are playing outside.

Exercise number 3-- don't forget your stomach. "We are going to use this bench to do our abs and your core. And you want to sit down a little on the edge, lean back grip behind your legs are straight out and pull your needs towards your chin, in and then out, " says Jodie.

Then you can make a quick transition to exercise number 4, which focuses on your triceps.  "Then move down your feet right under you, and this is for your triceps. And to make it harder, you can move your feet out. The farther your feet are out, the harder it is," she says.

Finally, exercise number 5, your chest muscles. A wall is all you need.  Jodie said, "Be patient and consistent and stick with it. And every little difference adds up in the end.  When you start your exercise program, just listen to your body. Aches and pain are a sign that you are doing too much or maybe you are doing something wrong. Pay attention to that. You don't want to over train."

These five basic exercises could help you lose the weight you haven't been able to shed. Good luck.

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