Dating can be difficult in the digital age

Love may be a many splendor thing, but when it's a click, text, or tweet away, falling in love can be downright hard.

"Dating's hard. I'm old school," said Scott Coville, who is single. "Everything in the past was a lot easier."

So what's a single person who's looking for a lasting relationship in 2012 do?  We went to local matchmaker, Carol Morgan, to get some tips.

"The more personal interaction you can have with someone before you start dating is always to both people's advantages. Tweeting and all of that; at least get to talk to the person, repeatedly on the phone."

Now, I know what you're saying, "Carol. everybody texts now, and for better or worse, that's how we get to know one another."  But Carol says no matter how badly you want to reply early in the relationship, it's important to stand your ground and put the phone down.

"Be selective," she advises. "Be demanding. Say what's on your mind. Don't settle for these bare minimums like tweeting, texting and whatever else will come around next week."

"In the old days women were ladies," said Oksana Baiditcheva, who is single. " You had to work, work, work for them. These days it's easy. If it's not you, it will be another one."

Despite the many dating disasters, people can find love digitally. According to recent surveys, online dating services are responsible for more than a quarter of a million marriages every year.

However Carol Morgan, who likens the difficulty of dating today to the way it was during the sexual revolution, says one of the biggest problems in finding love online is too many choices.

"It's like a candy story. You go home and check and you have 14 more profiles to look through, and they've forgotten what a nice evening they had," she said. "I think it diminishes the whole process of romance and love and specialness and uniqueness and seeing someone across the room. All of that is basically gone when you get involved in high tech."

"Everything is through text messaging and Facebook," said Coville.  "I'm not involved with all that stuff. I'd rather be one on one."

But no matter how you've connected or are connecting, digitally or traditionally, Morgan says face time is key to a lasting love.

"The more personal interaction you can have with someone before you start dating, is always to both people's advantages."

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