Tara Luscavich, Tequesta dispatcher, sues town after sexual harassment claim

Alleges town violated civil rights

The Tequesta dispatcher who accused the town's former police chief of sexual harassment is now suing the town.

Tara Luscavich claims the town violated her civil rights by subjecting her to a sexually hostile work environment and the retaliation that eventually ensued, according to a lawsuit filed in circuit court on Monday. 

This lawsuit comes about a year after Luscavich filed a federal sexual harassment complaint after, she says, former police chief Pete Pitochelli sexually harassed her during a party. 

According to that federal complaint, Pitochelli made several sexual advances towards Luscavich during a party in 2011.  In the complaint, Pitochelli is accused of reaching inside Luscavich's shirt and grabbing her breast without her consent. 

The complaint goes on to explain how towards the end of the party Luscavich was taking a nap in another room when Pitochelli's touch woke her. 

Luscavich, allegedly, told Pitochelli that she was in a marriage and committed to her husband.  Pitochelli is accused of grabbing Luscavich's hand and putting it on his crotch, demonstrating that he had an erection and said, "this is what you do to me."

In her lawsuit against the town , Luscavich claims since the incident, she has been passed up for several promotions.

Pete Pitochelli has since resigned from his position as police chief.

Read the complaint: Mobile users http://bit.ly/YYR5hk

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