St. Sen. Abruzzo writes gas legislation after watching Contact 5 Investigator Dan Krauth's report

State Senator writes new gas inspection bill

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - The Contact 5 Investigators are getting action to better protect you at the gas pump.

State Senator Joseph Abruzzo is proposing a new law after watching a Contact 5 Investigation.  To watch the original report, click here.

Senator Abruzzo wrote a new bill and introduced it in the Senate this week.  It would require state workers to inspect the quality of the gasoline sold at the gas pumps at least once a year.

"Because of your investigation, I decided to take a strong look at how gas pumps are affecting our consumers," said Senator Abruzzo. "It would be a mandate on the state to inspect the gas at gas pumps."

It's a result of Dan Krauth's Contact 5 Investigation that aired last May.  The Contact 5 Investigators tested the gasoline at businesses and discovered some local stations were selling bad gasoline.  The original report led to the state shutting down the pumps at two businesses.

Putting bad gas inside your tank can cause mechanical problems.

"It could truly take somebody's life," said Senator Abruzzo.

It could also cause thousands of dollars in repairs. The Contact 5 Investigators have heard from dozens of affected drivers over the past few months.

Plus, the investigation uncovered more than a dozen local stations that had not been inspected in more than a year.  In addition, there is no state law requiring them to be inspected.  That could soon change with the new proposed legislation.

"This is streamlining it by saying he let's make sure this is extremely important," said Senator Abruzzo.

Right now the state only has 50 workers to inspect all 9,000 gas stations across the state. 

The bill would have to pass in both chambers and be signed by the governor to become law.


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