Riviera Beach Mayor Thomas Masters on trip: 'I was treated like a king, so I acted like a king.'

Says costly trip established sister city abroad

Rivera Beach Mayor Thomas Masters accepted the VIP invitation to participate in the 5th Annual Global Outsourcing Summit as a way to establish a sister city relationship with Kunming, China.

One picture from his 2012 trip abroad shows the Mayor with a Chinese representative during that sister-city presentation.

The relationship was aimed at expanding tourism and business here and abroad. 

It was described in background information as beneficial for Riviera Beach, especially with the city's plans to expand the Port of Palm Beach and its ongoing efforts to create more jobs in the area.

So what does the city have to show from the Mayor's trip abroad?

Mayor Masters was not available to comment on the trip Thursday. Instead, he told NewsChannel 5 that he was in meetings all day.

One perk NewsChannel 5 did learn, according to a city council he participated in shortly after he returned last year, the Mayor described how Riviera Beach residents traveling to Kunming or Beijing and staying at specific 5-star hotels receive a special Riviera Beach sister discount.


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