Rats, mice, cockroaches among rodents commonly found on campus

Building inspections reveal scope of problem

It was a classroom discovery no parent wanted to hear and no student wanted to see.  But earlier this month, Panther Run Elementary and Calusa Elementary School in Palm Beach County made headlines when it was discovered students were getting a lesson in reading, writing and rats.

"They are a big deal," said Tim O'Connor, spokesperson for the Palm Beach County health department  The health department inspects schools buildings twice per year and school cafeteria's four times per year.

After analyzing two years' worth of school building inspection reports, the Contact 5 Investigators find rodents including rats, mice and cockroaches are a year round campus concern across Palm Beach County and along the Treasure Coast.

Wednesday at 5 p.m. on News Channel 5, find out the truth about rodents on campus. See which schools have problems and why some rodent issues noted aren't new.

Then at 11 p.m., hear from bug experts on why schools are a rodent magnet and how fast a few classroom rodents can turn into a campus infestation

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