Contact 5 Investigates school bank fees

Thursday night on NewsChannel 5 at 11

West Palm Beach, Fla. - During a time of budget cuts and layoffs, the Contact 5 Investigators discovered one local school district has spent tens of thousands of dollars on something they could be getting for free. 

"That is just ridiculous," said parent Eric Levine.

Many parents have been working to do what they can to cut down on hidden costs at home, like fees for writing checks and making deposits.

"You have to go line item by line item to make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck," said Levine.

If you think you were paying a lot, watch Thursday night to see how much a local school district has been charged in bank fees.

"I didn't realize they paid that much in bank fees, I don't pay anything, so I don't understand that," said parent Michelle Williams.

We crunched the numbers for every school district in South Florida and what we discovered may surprise you.  It's money many parents said should be spent somewhere else.

We'll have the results of our Contact 5 investigation and show you what's being done to change the way one district does business, Thursday night on NewsChannel 5 at 11.

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