Chester Price, Andrea Parsons case update: New Information about suspect in child's disappearance

MARTIN COUNTY - Chester Price remains behind bars at the Martin County Jail.

The Contact 5 Investigators have been talking to his friends and neighbors, trying to find out more about who he is.

Chester Price and Claude Davis, two men connected to Andrea Parsons' disappearance, have long criminal histories in Martin County and a long history with each other.

Bill Sawyer says he has been friends with both men for more than twenty years. "They (Davis and Price) used to go scrapping together in Claude's van," Sawyer said. 

Scrapping is something they did together back in 1993, around the time Andrea disappeared, and in the same van where Davis told NewsChannel 5, Andrea was killed.

The Contact 5 Investigators checked into Price's past. Court records show he had close to 40 run-ins with the law over the past two decades. He was accused of repeatedly assaulting his own family members, not just with words, but with weapons.

"It didn't surprise me none," Sawyer said. "I know the temper he had."
In fact, court records show Price was actually arrested three years ago, for battering Davis. The fight happened in Stuart. Price reportedly grabbed Davis's neck and pushed him.

"They say he (Price) crazy," Jan Mitchell said. Mitchell has been neighbors with the family for years. "He crazy. He got a bad temper on him. People know that about him. He'll snap in a minute."

There's one question NewsChannel 5 has not been able to get answered:if the two men have been connected for decades, why did it take 19 years for police to connect Price to the case?

"I hope justice comes," Mitchell said. "I hope they fry, fry him hard for what he did to that baby."

Just a few months before Andrea disappeared, Price was arrested for threatening to stab someone with a knife over an ex-girlfriend. Nothing happened with the case, because the charges were dropped due to a lack of information.

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