A closer look at possible dangers associated with birth control; learn what signs to look for

Is your birth control dangerous?

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- For 31-year-old Rian Kinney, exercise isn't just a passion, it's a way of life.

By day, she's a no nonsense sports attorney in Wellington, Florida. In her spare time she is an athlete herself.

"I was actually training for a half marathon when all of this started going down," Kinney said.

As Kinney continued to train for the marathon, she realized it was becoming more and more difficult for her to complete her workouts.

"I kept thinking, gosh, I'm out of shape. I need to push harder," Kinney said.

Kinney didn't know it, but she was ignoring tell tale signs that her active body was shutting down. The problem she believes, was something millions of women do every single day.

"I had a cramp in my leg from my knee to my ankle for about three days," Kinney said. "I kept trying to stretch it out."

Soon, simply playing in the park with her dog Bentley became a chore.

"I was breathing hard and sweating," Kinney said. "A shooting, severe pain that was in my chest and I was pushing on it so hard that I actually caused a bruise for myself."

Kinney thought she was having a panic attack and was just stressed.

"I called my mom and said, I don't know what a heart attack feels like, but I'm pretty sure this is it," Kinney said.

What Kinney didn't know is just how close to death she really was. When she went into the hospital, Kinney said she was shocked to learn what could be to blame.

The doctors were running tests, trying to "rule out hereditary factors," Kinney said. The doctors were asking her about what medication she was taking and when they found out she was using birth control, NuvaRing, they said, "OK" and stopped asking questions.

Women across the country take prescription birth control and it's no secret, some face complications. Some have claimed they almost died.

Come with us tonight as the Contact 5 Investigators lay out the signs and symptoms of complications you should be able to recognize, as well as the questions you should be asking your doctor if you or anyone you know is taking birth control.

Watch the complete story, on NewsChannel 5 at 11 pm.

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