Colorado's first marijuana industry job fair to be held in Denver Thursday

DENVER - Colorado's first marijuana industry job fair is being held in Denver Thursday and job seekers are turning out in droves.

In fact, a line had formed outside two hours before the fair opened.

The CannaSearch job fair features 15 large marijuana-related companies that are hoping to hire new employees for a range of multiple positions, from "budtender to bookkeeper." Other positions are available in accounting, technology, advertising and selling the drug.

"I heard about this on Saturday and I’ve been looking for work," said Joseph Siddiq, a retired Marine who moved to Denver from Seattle.

Another potential employee, Shannon Irvin, said she moved from St. Louis to work in the budding new business. She hopes to walk out of the job fair with an offer.

"I came here today so I could get in the industry and see how far I can go with my career," she said.

The job fair will take place from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 1058 Delaware St. in Denver. It is expected to draw about 700 job seekers.

"About 145-150 jobs avail that are almost immediate," said Todd Mitchem, Chief Revenue Officer for O.pen Vape, the business hosting the fair.

Mitchem says his business alone expects to hire 120 people over the next year.

"It speaks to the idea this is legitimate," Mitchem said. "We as job seekers want to be accepted if we use cannabis. We want to be welcomed into a workforce, not ridiculed, villainized and judged for it."

"There’s still a lot of stereotypes, so I’m here to dispel that and show that dedicated professional people are willing to work to something lucrative and to something that’s going to help the state, the city (and) everyone all around," Siddiq said.

All potential employees must be 21 or older.

According to our partners at the Denver Post, use of marijuana is prohibited in line or at the fair.

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