Local attorney works with drywall victims

$55 million is the settlement offered up

$55 million is the settlement offered up from Banner Supply Co. after numerous claims of damaged homes cropped up.

A local attorney who took on hundreds of cases after becoming a victim herself says this is the beginning of the end to a long and painful process she and her clients have endured.

Shonae Trotman, her fiance and their children moved into their first home in 2008.

"From the minute I signed the paperwork there were issues," she says.

What was suppose to be an American dream turned into a nightmare after she discovered Chinese drywall was taking a toll on her and her families health.

"Seeing my kids sick, that was the hardest thing to do," says Trotman.

For her it was a tough, yet easy, decision: her family came first.

After spending all their savings on their purchase, she and her family had to move into a one bedroom apartment.

"For me to downsize to a one bedroom with four people is really hard," she says. "This is just heart wrenching, just to know you spend your whole hard dedicated time and money."

With no other options, and only hope for some sort of compensation, she turned to attorney Allison Grant.

Grant has been working on drywall cases for more than a year and Tuesday she was able to give her clients good news: Banner Supply Co. decided to settle at $55 million dollars.

"This is one part of a very big puzzle, we've been litigating for the last year and a half and today's settlement is tremendous news," she says.

Grant says its not known how the settlement will be handled but says for her clients it's a step in the right direction.

"A majority of my clients have not remediated because they don't have the funds to do so," states Grant. "They're looking for someone to fix their homes or provide financial settlement to do it themselves."

Grant serves about 100 clients who have Chinese drywall.

She says the settlement will have to first be approved by a judge, so it could take a year before her clients know how they will be compensated.

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