Nancy Brinker, Susan G. Komen Foundation founder, changing roles

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Nancy Brinker has been the face of the Komen Foundation since 1982, after her sister died from breast cancer. Brinker has worked hard to raise money for research to help save lives from the deadly disease.

Six months ago controversy surrounded the foundation after it stopped funding Planned Parenthood. The decision was later reversed.

It is against that backdrop that Brinker is stepping into a different role involving fundraising and planning.

The foundation's president and two board members have also resigned.

The foundation released this statement: "... 32 years after my promise to my sister to end breast cancer, I want now to focus on Susan G. Komen's global mission and raising resources to bring our promise to women all around the world."

Even though there are many changes in the leadership role at the top of the foundation, some are optimistic.

Kerry Diaz  is the president of the Quantum Foundation. It focuses on improving health care for the community.

"We historically have had funding partnerships with Komen various times we have supported the Race for the Cure and we have both been supportive of a project locally that gave mammograms to low income or uninsured women locally."

Diaz said, "People are giving because of the cause. Komen they are giving because they want to cure breast cancer and impact those who have it. Here we give to organizations regardless of who is running it, because we are trying to affect the community we are addressing, health care acts, education."


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