Juicing and Sprouting benefit health, benefit local business.

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. -  Sean and Judy Herbert never imagined they would be in the "sprouting" business when they opened "Got Sprouts?" in Riviera Beach six years ago. They quickly learned the benefits of "juicing" and "sprouting" not long after they were married.

"Jody was diagnosed with cancer. She started attending chemotherapy down in Miami and it got a little tough around that time," said Sean.

When Chemotherapy became hard on her, she started to add sprouts to her diet. "She started looking for alternative things to get healthy," explained Sean.

He also had to make a diet change for his health. "Turns out I had severe Crohn's disease. By the time they found it, half of my colon was gone," said Sean.

Both credit sprouts to turning their health around. The baby plants are rich in nutrients.

Judy has been cancer free for 15 years.

"I've gone from severe Crohn's disease to having none so I'm doing very well," said Sean.

The Herberts opened "Got Sprouts?" to help others reap the benefits of including sprouts in their daily diets. "I started getting phone calls from cancer patients and they're like 'how are you bouncing back from this?'" said Sean.

"Got Sprouts?" grows six of its own sprouts, including wheat grass, sunflower sprouts and pea sprouts. It also sells organic seeds and beans.

"We have tri-athletes that come in here and say that wheat grass is incredible for recovery," said Sean. He also says juicing sprouts is an easy was to get energy and an immune boost. "Two ounces of wheat grass is like drinking five pounds of fresh vegetables."

He also says incorporating sprouts in meals and recipes, or "sprouting" is another way to get protein.

"Got Sprouts?" sees nearly 50 customers a day in the Riviera Beach store. It has become one of the largest wheat grass growers in the state and delivers to more than 500 customers a week across the country.

"The benefits of seeing people healthy is really amazing," said Sean.

The Herberts also offer classes to teach juicing techniques and how to grow your own sprouts at home.

Click here to learn more about classes and ordering.

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