Isaac causes over $1M damage to Palm Beach County schools

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Palm Beach County School District estimated the damage associated with Tropical Storm Isaac to be over $1 million.

According to FEMA, the damage estimates for Palm Beach County Public Schools are as follows:

  • Debris removal: $30,000. (No Vendors needed, will be handled with in-house personnel, according to the school district.)
  • Building protection: $50,000.  (Includes temporary roof covering and preventive measures.)   
  • Permanent Repairs to affected schools $1,000.000. (Incudes air conditioning , roofing , fire alarms, sheet metal,  electrical and indoor air quality.)

According to school board officials eight Palm Beach County Schools  in Loxahatchee and The Acreage will remain closed Thursday due to heavy flooding.

The closed schools are Loxahatchee Groves Elementary, Seminole Ridge High School, Pierce Hammock Elementary, Golden Grove Elementary, Western Pines Middle School, Osceola Creek Middle School and Frontier Elementary and Acreage Pines Elementary.

The rest of the schools in the district will remain open.

Students who live in Loxahatchee or The Acreage but attend other schools in other parts of the county "are advised to stay home until conditions improve," said Nat Harrington, spokesman for Palm Beach County Public Schools. 

Transportation services will not be provided in those areas until road conditions are safe, according to Harrington.

Students will not be penalized for their absences and will be given the opportunity to make-up their work.  Employees who live in flooded areas should contact their supervisors if they cannot make it to work.

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